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12 Responses to Contact

  1. Marg Walker says:

    Hi Jane,
    Love ‘Knife and Fork on the road’. We returned after another month in Paris on 2nd June and still manage to greet one another in the mornings with ‘bonjour’, as you do once the habit is acquired. Had a marvellous time indulging ourselves with bistrot meals, and ‘religeuse’ from the bakery in rue Daguerre. My mouth waters at the memory of it. Best wishes with your latest venture.

  2. Joanne Murray says:

    Hi Jane love your new book. I have both books now, love A Family in Paris which is all tagged with favourite things to do in Paris and ideas. Too big to take on my last trip to Paris so am so glad you have brought at your new book which will be my bible whilst in Paris idea early July and again in August.
    I do seek your advice though on places to go in country France. We are have a week in Beaune and need to decide on a place to stay for another week before we head into Paris. We have been to the Loire valley, Lot, and Sarlat before on our last holiday. We have also done Northern France. I am keen to find a small village with great restaurants, canoeing or something for the kids (8&10) and a holiday house that we can rent for the week.
    I look forward to hearing from you and again congrats to you on a wonderful new book.
    Jo Murray
    St Peters, Adelaide

    • janepaech says:

      Hi Jo
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Just remember that many of the addresses mentioned in Delicious Days may be closed in August, when Paris shuts down.
      As for country France, I’m afraid I am reluctant to give you advice as my expertise really does lie in Paris.

      • Joanne Murray says:

        Hi Jane – yes you are right at the beginning of our trip whilst in Paris I contacted restaurant Au Bon Accueil 14 Rue de Monttessuy to book in for dinner on our return to Paris on 9-11 August and they indicated that they are closed. Are you able to advise on a restaurant located near this restaurant as we would like to go out for dinner on our last nights in Paris and see the Eiffel Tower in lights. Hope that you can assist.

  3. Joanne says:

    Thanks Jane – we will be in Paris for a week at the start of July so will be doing a number of your walks mentioned in Delicious Days. Have decided to stay near Lyon.
    Thanks Jo

    • janepaech says:

      Hi Jo,
      In answer to your message re restos near the Eiffel Tower, I think your best bet is to check out this up-to-date link on summer closures published by Paris by Mouth. All in one place!

      Look at addresses in the 7e (perhaps on the terrace of Fontaine de Mars), 15e, and also in the avenues surrounding rue St Dominique you will find lots of casual cafés. You can always eat on a terrace at Trocadéro in the 16e and walk through to the Eiffel Tower. Great view this way.

      • Jo says:

        Hi Jane – thanks for your reply – really appreciate your assistance. We are looking forward to being back in Paris and following more of the walks in Delicious Days in Paris.
        Thanks again

  4. Hi Jane, Couldn’t find your comments box on the previous page but here it is???
    The featured photo is the ceiling of the Opera Garnier by Marc Chagall. The exhibition of his paintings was held in the Palais Luxembourg last year. Cheers, Marg Walker

  5. Anthony Swan says:

    Dear Jane, I gave your new book to my mum for Mother’s Day. Loves it. My parents will be using the book on their annual trip to Paris in August.
    Best Regards
    Anthony Swan

    • janepaech says:

      That’s lovely to hear! I hope they have a great trip. I guess if your parents are regular visitors to Paris they would aware that some of the addresses in my book may be closed in August, when the city closes down for the summer. Might be worth checking first.

  6. caroline says:

    Jane-I’ve recently stumbled upon your website and your books and am hoping to read them soon. I’m wondering if your book Delicious Days in Paris can be purchased in the United States. I’ll be in Paris this coming September and would love to read it before my trip. Your publisher doesn’t ship outside of Australia. Many thanks–Caroline Gallagher

    • janepaech says:

      Hi Caroline
      Unfortunately Delicious Days can not be purchased in the United States yet or on Amazon. It can be purchased online through various Australian sites. I hope you can get your hands on a copy before your trip!

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